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How to tie infinity Dress strapless Tutorial by Dress and Charm

here is a step by step guide on how to wear a multiway infinity dress Strapless:
  1. Place Straps over the Shoulders.
  2. Place right strap over left bust and wrap around the back.
  3. Place left strap over right bust and wrap around the back.
  4. at the back cross straps and wrap around to the front.
  5. Bring straps around to the back once more and tie in a bow or knot.
  6. Tuck front panels in strapless bra and adjust at waist to desired width.

This how to tie Tutorial features our Infinity Dress.

how to tie infinity dress strapless

 there are multiples styles you can achieve to wear your infinity dress, here you can discover more ways to wear your infinity dress.

also you can check our Dress and charm Youtube Channel for weekly videos on how to tie the infinity dress