Free fabric Swatches

Free Fabric Swatches up to 6 Colors


Dress and Charm TM Fabric is luxuriously soft and silky to the touch Get a FREE Fabric Swatch (up to 6 colors) and see it in Person, you will Fall in Love in Seconds!

get up to 6 different Fabric swatch colors for FREE.

ONLY 1 SWATCH PER COLOR. WE WONT SEND More than 1 swatch per Color.

We only charge a small flat fee of $2.5 for shipping  with Tracking Number Within USA, and $2.4 for Canadians with Canada post Stamp.

Delivery time within USA & Canada takes Extra 2 to 5 Days

Write your color Swatches

Don't forget to Click "save customization" to be able to add to cart
  • 250 char. max

We only charge a small flat fee of $2.5 for shipping  with Tracking Number Within USA , $2.4 for Canada (no tracking number) and  $14 for internationals

** How to Wear Your Dress :
Visit our page + for ideas on how the wear this Gorgeous infinity dress.

** Ordering For Same Bridal Party?

If your bridesmaids will be ordering the dresses separately they will need to order within the same 3 weeks to guarantee the dresses will have the same exact shade of color.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we do our best to support you with any kind of issues may arise.


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i was so excited when i saw this company offers free fabric swatches and others require you to pay a fortune just for fabric swatches, the swatches were really large enough for me to see touch and compare the colors they are 4 inches by 4 inches squares , so literally i wouldn't be able to choose the perfect matching color to my wedding schema if i didn't get the fabric fabric swatches, i am happy i did and my wedding was the 3th October 2018 and the Burgundy wine dresses for my bridesmaids they all did look beautiful i am happy i did choose this company they make the perfect quality dresses with such incredibly affordable prices XOXO

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I am so glad I decided to order the fabric swatches. they are 4*4 and they are all name labeled , which allowed me to see colors with my own eyes and decide the best color that matches my man ties , Very pleased with my purchase and extremely fast shipping. my bridesmaid will start ordering their dresses separately 1st week of February and the company made it very easy for us they only asked that all my girls order the same 30 days to guarantee that all dresses will be in same color and no difference in their shade , which made my life easier , so excited i cannot wait for my girls to order and receive their dresses so we can all gater and start playing with the wraps , thank you Dress and charm !

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